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Premier BrillianceEver wondered how celebrities in Hollywood manage to keep their teeth pearly white without going to the dentist every few weeks? Well, experts infer that they use home teeth whitening kits. While there are many teeth whitening products available online, Premier Brilliance is said to be one of the most popular in the market. The makers of Premier Brilliance wanted to create a product that can be used to produce professional-grade teeth whitening at home. These experts determined to use Peppermint oil, Carbomer and Kosher glycerin to make this teeth whitening gel.

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The ingredients are excellent at helping remove the bacteria that cause dental plaque as well as polishing the whitened teeth. Premier Brilliance is a recently launched product that has gained a surge of popularity because of its claim that you won’t experience any burns or side effects from using it. It’s also a lot more affordable when compared to going to the dentist to get your teeth whitened. Using Premier Brilliance is also easy with no need for bleaching trays or teeth whitening strips since this product comes in the form of a teeth whitening pen.

The Ingredients Used:

Premier Brilliance Teeth Whitening Pen is made from multiple ingredients which have been blended to form a teeth whitening gel. This gel uses a complex proprietary formula that contains scientifically proven ingredients that are known to cause absolutely no side effects. With being used by thousands of users, there have been no complaints about any side effects of this teeth whitening product.

According to the manufacturer’s website, here are the active ingredients in Premier Brilliance:

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Carbomer
  • Kosher Glycerin
The manufacturers of this product use the mentioned ingredients to help clean and whiten your teeth as well as remove the teeth discolorations and stains. The most common types of teeth stains suffered by people include alcohol, cigarette and coffee stains. For those with these teeth stains, experts recommend using home-based teeth whitening systems.

Premier Brilliance Teeth whitening Ingredients

The Advantages Provided:

There are many advantages of using Premier Brilliance because the manufacturer’s used the previously mentioned ingredients to give you a teeth whitening gel like no other. This teeth whitening pen gives you the ability to remove the stains from your teeth without having to cause long-term damage to the teeth as well as increasing the teeth’s sensitivity.

When reviewing the manufacturer’s website, here are the advantages of Premier Brilliance:

  • Causes no tooth irritation during and after whitening procedure.
  • Gives dentist-level results from home.
  • Comes with a teeth whitening pen that is easy to use.
  • Causing no bleeding or pain in the gums.
  • Helps avoid the buildup of tartar and dental plaque.
  • Is available on the manufacturer’s website with a trial offer.
  • A more affordable alternative to getting teeth whitened at the dentist.
  • Helps polish teeth for a glowing smile.
  • Works fast with results visible in just one use.
  • Very convenient to use from home to get whiter teeth within minutes.
  • Is a teeth whitening system that is reasonably priced.
  • Helps erase stubborn yellowish and brownish stains on the tooth.
  • Ideal to combat alcohol and nicotine stains.
  • No need for whitening trays or bleaching trays to use this teeth whitening system.
  • Causes no side effects.
  • Works for sensitive teeth and prevents an increase in teeth sensitivity.
  • Gives professional teeth whitening results.
Premier Brilliance Teeth whitening Pen Results

The Expert Opinion:

According to the experts in the teeth whitening industry, when all the factors are considered, Premier Brilliance is one of the best home teeth whitening kits available online. This means that we can recommend this to you without reservation. The online trial offer and the benefits are attractive and make a big part of why Premier Brilliance is recommended.

But the biggest reason to recommend this product is the fact that there are no side effects which are a rarity in this market segment. Further proof of the attractiveness of this product is that there are multiple user testimonials on the manufacturer’s website that highlight the real benefits that you can experience for yourself with the trial offer provided.
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The Overall Cost:

Unlike other online products that ask for a full upfront payment, the manufacturers of Premier Brilliance Teeth Whitening Kit allow for you to try it out for only the cost of shipping and handling. This delivery cost is $3.95 for the express delivery and will have your package containing a month’s supply of Premier Brilliance delivered to your doorstep in just a few days.

The advantage of this deal is that you can order the trial offer and use the product to see the results for yourself. If you are satisfied with the product, you don’t have to do anything, but if you don’t notice any benefits, you can return it to the manufacturers for no additional charges. This risk-free trial is designed to help you avoid paying for a product you don’t want or use. Fortunately, there is an extra security to your purchase as the manufacturers also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So, if you wish to know more on this risk-free trial or the product itself, visit the manufacturer’s website for further details.

Premier Brilliance Risk Free Trial

12 Responses to Premier Brilliance Teeth Whitening

  1. If you want shiny teeth without going to the dentist for a full teeth whitening session which costs $300 or more, Premier Brilliance is for you. And no, I am not affiliated with these guys, I just use their product.

    I have been using this teeth whitening for a month now and can safely say that I haven’t had any problem with sensitive teeth or gum pain like with some of the other whitening products I have had before.

    If you want the truth, if you have some small stains or light stains, use Premier Brilliance. But if your teeth have been stained with coffee and smoking for years, it might be better to go to the dentist and spend that money.

  2. Overall, Premier Brillance Is A Great Product. I Am Happy With How The Gel Spreads And Whitens The Teeth Quickly. Much Better Than Going To The Dentist.

  3. I showed my dentist (who is also my nephew) this product before starting to use it. He said that Premier Brillance can be used without issue and that the gel isn’t too strong which is why there is no gum bleeding or sensitive teeth. However, he did say that if I wanted to get perfect white teeth, I should use it a few more times.

  4. Getting white teeth from home is now possible with Premier Brilliance. I recommend this because I have actually tried this brand and found it to actually work.
    Well, it won’t give you perfect white teeth from the get-go, but you will see results quickly.
    If you can, this product is worth a try.

  5. Using premier brillance is one of the best teeth whitening experiences I have had to date. While the pen contains only a little product, it is definitely enough to help whitening teeth and get rid of tooth stains for most people.

    If you are someone who has a few teeth stains that make going to the dentist expensive, Premier Brillance is the way to go for you.

  6. If you are looking for a good home whitening kit for the cheap, Premier Brilliance is for you. While the trial offer can be a bit of a bother, it seems to be the best way to get Premier Brilliance without spending hundreds of dollars.

  7. Premier brillance is truly the best and Premier way to get shiny teeth with dazzling Brillance. Not only is it well named, it also helped get rid of my teeth stains in just a few applications of the whitening pen.

  8. Teeth whitening now come with easy do it yourself home kits like Premier Brillance. The reason I recommend this product is that you don’t need expensive trays or whitening lights to use this. All you have to do is apply the whitening paste onto the teeth and watch how the stains and discolorations disappear.

  9. I have tried Premier Brillance and have let my family members try it as well. And without any surprise, the results were the same:
    Everone got their teeth to become a shade whiter. While this is not the instant milk-white teeth you get from the dentist, you don’t have to deal with sensitive teeth as well. And I have seen that if you use this product multiple times, the whitening process helps reduce stains and brightens teeth naturally.

  10. If you have a choice in going to the dentist to get your teeth whitened or doing it yourself at home with Premier Brillance, choose this product. This is because Premier brilliance gives the same white smile but for only a fraction of the price.

  11. If you search for the best teeth whitening product online, you are bound to find Premier Brilliance since this product was created with only the best ingredients and designed by skilled experts. When I used this last week, I found that I had whiter teeth in just one sitting.

  12. My dentist told me that much of brushing has caused my teeth to lose the enamel. Teeth whitening at the dentist did not work anymore. Got this nice little pen and I smile more often nowadays. Easy to use and carry along.

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